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1.75mm Aromatic HTPLA Filament - Cinnamon, 500g (HTAR1705-CIN)

Manufacturer: Proto-Pasta
  • Slightly more challenging to print than standard PLA, HTPLA rewards you with stronger, tougher parts that can be "Heat Treated" for "Higher Temperature" resistance than PLA, ABS, or Co-polyesters like PET. For this improved the performance, your prints should be baked in an oven until you see a change from translucent to opaque with reduced gloss. This visual change indicating the improved performance! The change should take place in 5-10 minutes on thin walled parts but can take an hour or more. ProtoPasta recommends a home convection oven at 110C (225F). Parts will get very "floppy" before becoming more firm, so please leave supports on your parts or support them and bake them on a flat, non-radiating surface (like glass, ceramic, or composite).
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