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Tiny Pager Motor (TPM2)

Manufacturer: Solarbotics
  • Pager motor technology has made it easier for us to find a suitable replacement for the original TPM for substantially less! Want to build something itty bitty? Try these: Just 4mm (0.158") diameter and an overall length of 19mm (0.74") with an output shaft diameter of 0.66mm (0.026"). Performance at 1.5V is 12.4mA unloaded (36.8mA stall) at 10,100RPM.
  • At 3V, current is 17.6mA free (73mA stall) at 20300RPM!
  • And just for fun, 5V give 20.3mA free (117mA stall) at 32,500RPM!
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