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Hakko Digital Solder Pot, 575W (FX305-03)

SKU FX305-03
Manufacturer: Hakko
  • The HAKKO FX-305 Digital Solder Pot is the next generation benchtop solder pot that includes new safety features and improves the serviceability of the station. It uses extended life crucibles and includes smart control of the heating of the solder based on the alloy in the crucible. This mitigates the potential for solder erupting from the crucible. A user programmable timer to notify you when the crucible needs to be rotated and/or replaced. The splash guard easily covers the top of the unit to prevent an object from being dropped into the molten solder and creating a splash, or accidentally coming into contact with the molten solder when in use. The splash guard also mitigates solder eruptions in the event of an alloy/setting mismatch. Optional bench mounting brackets to secure the unit in place on the benchtop to prevent it from being moved and the sloshing of the molten solder.
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