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Network Toner and Probe Kit (CTX690)

Manufacturer: Triplett
  • The CTX690 Network Toner and Probe Kit is designed specifically for locating and tracing cables on inactive or active networks, and live or dead phone lines, as well as coaxial video cabling systems. Today’s media networks have a combination of twisted pair data, telephone voice, coax and security/alarm video wiring. It provides 2 selectable powerful Net and Tel tones allow cable installers and Datacom/Telecom technicians to plug directly into an active network, patch panel, network/telephone wall outlet or live phone line making it easy to quickly isolate the right wire/cable. The toner can generate pulse/warble tones, check continuity/polarity, and provide talk battery power. The probe tests include trace, hub blink, and link mode and has a built-in flashlight. Includes Alligator Clips, RJ45 and RJ11 connectors, F connector adapter for coax cable, spare tip, and a carrying case.
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