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Hakko FR811 Complete SMD Hot Air Rework System (FR811-SET)

Manufacturer: Hakko
  • A complete, economical SMD hot air rework system, including the HAKKO FR-811 hot air station, bottom heater, handpiece rework fixture, board holder and vision system. FR811-SET include accessories C5016 (bottom heater), C5027 (board holder), C5029 (handpiece fixture) that transforms it into a complete SMD rework system providing stabilization for accuracy when reworking small or difficult components. The C5027 board holder and C5029 handpiece fixture feature a "one-touch" slide adjustment for quick and easy adjustments, and knobs for fine x-y adjustments. For smaller components, the FR811-SET also includes the HAKKO Basic Vision Kit (PN: 999-267) that incorporates a Dino-Lite microscope camera for visual alignment (attachment bracket to the C5029 handpiece fixture included.)
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