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BUSBOARD®, Zigzag Busses, Connector footprints, Size 3 (100x160mm) (BB3UC)

Manufacturer: BusBoard
  • The BusBoard-3U prototyping circuit board has 10 footprints for commonly used connectors including: DB-9, DB-25, SPDT switch, RJ11 modular phone jack (2), 1/8" sub-mini (2) or modular handset jack (2), “barrel” coaxial power connector, and BNC connectors (2). It has the BusBoard zig-zag circuit pattern which is great for high connectivity I.C. and connector applications. The pattern allows DIP integrated circuits and DIL headers to be connected pin-to-pin without cutting traces or adding wires. Opposite sides of the IC or connector are on separate tracks to simplify wiring. It's ideal for memory buses and it provides easy power and ground connections for other ICs. Narrow and wide tracks identify the connected pads. Indicator holes show which are the wide tracks from the top side. A soldermask provides easy soldering and prevents solder bridges on tracks.
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