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BUSBOARD® Stripboard, Size 6 (160x233mm) (ST6U)

Manufacturer: BusBoard
  • ST6U StripBoard is a prototyping circuit board with a standard stripboard pattern, with tracks running the length of the board. It has 0.1" hole spacing for DIP integrated circuits and headers and other parts. ST6U is a standard double height (6U) Eurocard/VME size. Off-the-shelf enclosures and card cages are available. ST6U accepts two standard 64-pin or 96-pin DIN-41612 connector for backplane applications or expansion. The connector footprint gives easy access to connector rows 1 and 3. Row 2 has unconnected pads. ST6U is higher quality than traditional stripboard. The holes are drilled, not punched. The base material is high-quality FR4 glass epoxy board. It has better stability and moisture resistance than boards using phenolic or SRBP (synthetic resin bonded paper) which can warp with exposure to humidity.
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