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Solderable Breadboard - Snappable with 5 hold strips (SB5)

Manufacturer: BusBoard
  • The SB5 Snappable PCB BreadBoard is great for a small project, or four tiny projects. It can be used as a single prototyping board, or it can be snapped into two or four smaller boards. It is scored in two places along the middle to make snapping into smaller pieces easy. The SB5 solderable PCB breadboard is great for soldering your breadboard projects to make rugged prototypes. All four of the smaller boards have 5-hole strips, which are good for IC circuits. Each of the four smaller boards has two power rails. There are bonus two-hole pads along the centerline allowing DIL (dual in-line) headers to be used (some boards leave that area empty). A top-side silkscreen helps to position components. BPS prototyping boards use high-quality FR4 glass epoxy PCBs for long life. An anti-tarnish coating protects the copper for a long shelf-life and provides easy soldering. BPS boards are lead-free and RoHS compatible.
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