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Solderable Breadboard - 93 x 184mm, 1660 points (SB1660)

SKU SB1660
Manufacturer: BusBoard
  • The SB1660 Solderable PC BreadBoard enables you to transfer your circuit and wires from a plugin breadboard without changing your layout. The SB1660 has the same pattern and spacing as two standard 830 connection point BB830 solderless plug-in breadboards side-by-side. It has a standard 5-hole strip for each IC pin, just like solderless breadboards.It provides the reliable long-term connections of soldered joints. The SB1660 has eight power rails like two solderless breadboards, plus four bonus rails for power or signals. There are bonus two-hole pads along the centerlines allowing DIL (dual in-line) headers to be used. A top side silkscreen helps to position components. Six mounting holes allow your projects to be secured. BPS prototyping boards use high-quality FR4 glass epoxy PCBs for long life. An anti-tarnish coating protects the copper for a long shelf-life and provides easy soldering. BPS boards are lead-free and RoHS compatible.
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